Medical Translations

medical translationMedical translation, as defined by Wikipedia,  is “the translation of technical, regulatory, clinical or marketing documentation, software or training curriculum for the pharmaceutical, medical device or healthcare fields.”

Canada and the United States, like most countries around the world require that literature and labeling related to medical equipment or pharmaceuticals sold be translated by professionally trained translators into the national language(s). Moreover, documents required to conduct clinical trials often need translation in order for local clinicians and patients and regulatory representatives to be able to read and understand them. 

Apart from language and cultural skills, medical translation like technical, art and legal translation, requires specific training and subject matter knowledge in order to translate medical content. This is because of the highly technical, sensitive and regulated nature of medical texts.

Because medical translation is typically a multi-step product and process, at the Spanish Traductor we oversee all project management and the linguistic team. Steps in the translation process can include:

• Extraction of text from source format

Translation – the conversion of the source language text to the target language text

• Editing – reading and revision ti guarantee adherence to approved terminology and the proper style.

• Publishing – the translation is put back into the original format (e.g.,  PDF, Word document, Google doc, Web page)

• Proofreading – this ensures that the formatted translation displays correctly with no corrupted text, has proper punctuation and line and page breaks are correct.

• Localization review – a native-speaking expert reviews the translation to make sure that it meets all specifications and specifics


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